School Project

staff and volunteers


We started our work in 2007 in rented premises in Vacqua, where we were able to provide special needs schooling and Conductive Education (Peto Therapy) for a maximum of 25 students. During the next seven years, we taught and provided therapy to over 50 children including many who have graduated from our school but continue to receive our therapies.

In 2014, The Ranger Foundation embarked upon an exciting project – to build its own, purpose-built school! We had already largely outgrown our original premises (maximum of 25 students) and planned to be able to offer Conductive Education and academic education to many more Mauritian children with special needs in a new building that was designed to support the special way in which we work with them.

On the 27th February 2015, we inaugurated the reception hall and first wing of our new purpose-built School and Therapy Centre at Pinewoods, Wooton. Since 2015 we have continued to provide expanded therapy and tuition to many more children than we helped in our initial premises. We have now embarked upon Phase 2 of our project to build three further wings of our school thereby completing The School and Therapy Centre, allowing us to provide greater facilities to many more deserving Mauritian students

Once we have completed works to The School and Therapy Centre itself, we would like to expand the campus to include a purpose-built modern Children’s home for disabled children providing them with a safe and clean environment where they can live and grow. Such premises may also provide respite care for families of disabled children, allowing them space to regenerate their respective energies

New School Project

Commencement of works Phase 2: 2020. Plans are being submitted to the local planning authorities for the building of three further wings of the Ranger Foundation Centre Wooton. These new wings will provide increased teaching and therapy space and facilities allowing us to expand the number of students to whom we can provide special-needs schooling and Conductive Therapy. One wing will be dedicated to provide improved catering facilities for our students, staff and visitors as well (subject to planning) as accommodation for our international staff. The third new wing is expected to be a mixed teaching training wing.