May 2020: Mother's Day Celebrations

The children made hand paintings and sang songs for their mothers to mark this years Mother’s Day.

June 2019: Nelson Mandela

We celebrated this day with our major sponsor ASPEN and came together at The Ranger Foundation Center where the staff of ASPEN met our students and staff and they all got to know each other during the festivities.

The event also marked a very welcome donation by ASPEN of a state of the art photocopies/ scanners as well as 6 HP laptops. Our director and head teacher Atia Sultana accepted these generaous donations on behalf of The Ranger Foundation. We hope to maintain these able links by further cordinated activities between our organizations.

April 2018: RFT 10th Anniversary

Activities were organized to mark the 10th Anniversary of the RFT.

RFT Started operating oficially in 2008

Februrary 2015: Laying of Foundation stone for the Main Hall and North Pole wing of the Purpose-built School

The official opening ceremony for The Ranger Foundation Centre was held on Friday the 27th of February 2015 at the New School Centre site at Pinewoods, Wooton. We welcomed our guests of honour, Lady Sarojini Jugnauth, wife of the Prime Minister of Mauritius and Lance Ranger, the founder of The Ranger Foundation as well as other esteemed guests to the official ribbon cutting ceremony. It was a moving and inspiring event and Lady Sarojini, during her inauguration speech, expressed her delight at work to bring conductive education therapy and targeted special-needs teaching to a broader spectrum of Mauritian society. After the opening ceremony everyone enjoyed a welcoming cocktail and buffet in our large reception hall, catered by La Bonne Marmite restaurant.

April 2009: North Pole Expedition

Lance completed the 125 kilometre (plus a lot of extra kms as he was dragged in every direction by polar drift and wind) final degree ski-walk hauling his own 60kg sled across the thin ice of the ARtic Ocean and reached 90 degrees North… The North Pole on 14th of April 2009. Detailed information is found on the Fundraising.

July 2008: Official Opening and Inauguration Ceremony, Speech by President of Mauritius

We marked the official launch of the RFT with a gala event attended by the then President of the Republic of Mauritius, Sir Anerood Jugnauth and his wife Lady Sarojini Jugnauth.

December 2007: South Pole Expedition

Lance completed the 125 kilometre final degree ski-walk, manhauling his own 50kg sled over the high ice of Antarctica and reached 90 degrees South… the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station on the 15th December 2007. Detailed information is found on Fundraising.